What Do We Do?

The Sober as Shit Recovery community is not only a podcastFacebook page, and Blog, but also a recovery platform that helps bring together individuals from around the world seeking recovery from substance abuse and addictions…

Have you ever thought about stopping drinking, quitting doing drugs but found that you couldn’t? Something in you just keeps or kept failing, but you couldn’t reach out to people locally, you couldn’t bear to go into that 12-step meeting, face people looking at you and judging you? I felt that, so when I got sober, online recovery was a must, here is a platform where I can connect with people, connect without leaving home, no matter what time of day I can talk, make videos, chat, and have a tribe at my fingertips to help me get through whatever situation good or bad that I’m going through.

There is no I in recovery, so we as a group keep each other accountable in a secret platform on Facebook. Some members of the private group have years of continuous sobriety, while other members are just beginning their journey, we are all striving for better quality of life without alcohol, drugs, and other addictions. Stopping using is the first part, of course, then we learn how to embrace a life without the use of outside substances. Eventually, we return to the point in our life, or better than we imagined all without the use of alcohol, addictions, or other drugs. This is not an overnight process, that’s why we call it a journey-yet once achieved, it is the most liberating and amazing feeling in the world. We invite you to join us on the path to wellness and sobriety, join us in online meetings, retreats, meet-ups, and chats, get uncomfortable.

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